Why I love St-Barth 'in Marseillan



The St-Barth ' is a "must do" if you are lucky enough to stay in the Sète region. This atypical restaurant, which is in fact a tasting counter, is located between Mèze and Marseillan, on the edge of the Thau lagoon.

Le St-Barth 'at the edge of the Thau lagoon, in Marseillan

Le St-Barth 'is on the edge of the Thau lagoon

Mussels at St Barth in Marseillan

Sabine Tarbouriech style mussel brasucade

What strikes first in St-Barth ', this is the frame.

The view of the Thau lagoon from St-Barth 'is breathtaking. I find it absolutely magnificent. I will spend hours sitting there contemplating the view of the pond, the oyster beds and in the distance, Mont Saint-Clair ...

Then, it's the decoration.

Here everything (or almost) is made with products from the lagoon: driftwood, tables decorated with baby oysters, local vegetation. Hmm, it feels good there!

Finally, there is the pleasures of the plate.

Let it be said, here, we only cook what we cultivate, so it's Mussels and / or Oysters for everyone!
And what mussels! And what oysters!

Mussels are what we call here the Brasucade, in the manner of Sabine Tarbouriech. I won't tell you more, you have to taste: a real treat!

Regarding oysters, you have two varieties.

The traditional Bouzigues, cultivated on the Thau pond.

And the Tarbouriech Special, created and bred here since 2006 when Florent Tarbouriech invented a process that recreates the solar tide. Look at this short presentation of the Tarbouriech oyster, it is very explicit.

What I eat when I go to St Barth '

To tell you the truth, here is what I like to take when I go to St Barth '.

I start with a Tarbouzigues to share with the table (6 Bouzigues oysters + 4 Tarbouriech Specials).

Then I continue with a Brasucade. All washed down with a local white wine, when I'm not driving!

All for a very reasonable price!

Oyster platter at St-Barth in Marseillan

Mix of Tarbouriech and Bouzigues oysters

Hot oysters served at St Barth in Marseillan

Duo of hot oysters with Tarbouriech sauce

Do you want to go to St Barth '?

I'll take you there. 

Or when you book my excursion around the Thau lagoon, this is where I suggest you have lunch. 

Or during another program that I can concoct for you. 

Contact me without delay.


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