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In this article, I present to you a place that I like a lot: the abbey of Valmagne.

Why this article will serve you

You like to visit historical sites.

So you know that heritage is not always in a very good state of conservation.

There is sometimes disappointment when we have an idea of ​​where we are going for the first time.

View of the abbey of Valmagne

The Valmagne abbey in Villeveyrac

The few photos that you had seen in a guidebook or on the internet had led you to think that you would be amazed by this place.

However, once there, you stay on your hunger.

The pleasure is not total.

Because you were hoping for better.

à At the end of this article, you will be reassured: this disappointment will not be present here. 

Indeed, you will be delighted by the old monastery of Valmagne.

Why you will not be disappointed by the abbey of Valmagne

From my point of view, the abbey of Valmagne has three advantages:

1. the abbey of Valmagne is a complete monument and fully restored.

2. the abbey of Valmagne is at the heart of a famous vineyard, you can discover the wines of the abbey. To find out more without delay, visit Valmagne vineyard site.

3. the abbey of Valmagne has a great restaurant.

Therefore, going to the abbey of Valmagne is to combine the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds.

Bell tower of the abbey of Valmagne

View of the cloister and bell tower

Courtyard and facade of the abbey church of Valmagne

The facade of the abbey

The nave of the abbey church of Valmagne

The nave of the church, lined with oak barrels

Rare thing: a Cistercian abbey still complete today

Valmagne is a private abbey. Today it has belonged to the D'Allaines family for several generations.

The various buildings of the abbey have known many vicissitudes over the centuries.

But successive owners, through tremendous work, have brought this Cistercian abbey back to life.

You will first enter the abbey church. Its proportions are impressive. Thus, it measures 83 meters long. 

It was built in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

surprising : huge Oak barrels were stored in the church in 1820. I've never seen this anywhere else.

Used until 1996, these barrels are a reminder that the abbey is the seat of a still important wine estate today, and this since the founding of the abbey in 1139.

The gothic choir is superb. The arches soar to 24 meters high, which is very reasonable for the time. But it is great art.

Choir of the church of Valmagne

The choir of the abbey

Cloister of the abbey of Valmagne in the Hérault

The east gallery of the cloister

Visit of the chapter house of the abbey of Valmagne

The entrance to the chapter house

Former refectory of the abbey of Valmagne

The old refectory of Valmagne

Connected to the church as in all monasteries, you will then enter the cloister.

The four galleries punctuated by double arcades on small columns invite you to dream ... and to take pictures!

When the sun sets, the cloister offers a striking play of light and shadow.

Then, in the east gallery of the cloister, several rooms open: the sacristy, the visiting room and especially the chapter house where the monks met every morning.

Continuing through the South gallery you will enter the old monks' refectory.

Widely devastated during the French Revolution, it was completely rebuilt at the end of the XNUMXth century in neo-Gothic style.

It was then used as a living room and dining room for the owners of the time.

A famous fountain

The fountain, or sink, located in the cloister is the postcard, or Instagram photo, of the abbey of Valmagne. 

Formerly present in all the abbeys and essential to the daily life of the monks, very few fountains are preserved today.

A source still feeds it today.

In summer, the vines covering the fence allow it to retain its freshness.

In the cloister of the abbey of Valmagne

The famous fountain of the abbey of Valmagne

Exterior view of the fountain of the abbey of Valmagne

The fountain fence, in summer

Grape produced by the abbey of Valmagne

In a vineyard plot in Valmagne

Taste the wines of the abbey of Valmagne

As indicated at the beginning of the article, Valmagne is a wine estate, attached to the Coteaux-du-Languedoc appellation.

At the end of your visit to the abbey, you will be invited to discover the wines produced here by the D'Allaines family.

The estate stretches over 65 hectares: 10 hectares planted in white (Marsanne and Roussane depages) and the rest in red (Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache grape varieties).

You can of course buy wine if you wish.

A lunch at the abbey of Valmagne

The abbey's farm-inn restaurant is open for lunch.

Here the chef gives pride of place to local producers and short circuits.

The abbey's vegetable garden decides on the dishes served each day. It is a guarantee of freshness and quality!

More info about the restaurant on the site of the abbey of Valmagne.

How long does it take to go to the abbey of Valmagne?

From Sète, it takes 30 minutes to reach the abbey of Valmagne. See here

Starting from Montpellier, if there is no slowdown, it will take between 45 and 50 minutes, depending on the route taken. look here

If you are in Béziers, it will take you 30 minutes to go to Valmagne. The route is here

To get to Valmagne Abbey from Pézenas, allow around 15 minutes by this road

Finally, if you are staying in Mèze, a very small quarter of an hour will suffice to reach the abbey of Valmagne. Discover the route to follow here


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