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I am Arnaud Caron.

I became a guide in 1993.

While studying Tourism in Montpellier, I had the chance to get a job as a guide at the abbey of Moissac. Not very far from Toulouse.

You know ? It is an exceptional place.

A cloister that I enjoyed showing off. Seventy-six sculpted capitals. All different. And a gigantic cedar of Lebanon in the garden. 

Simply superb.

My attraction to Romanesque art comes from there.

It's been a while. I stopped counting the years.

Portrait of Arnaud Caron

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Like many guides, I would tell you that my job as a guide is a vocation.

As far as I'm concerned, the virus caught me at 14, when I took my first guided tour.

It was in Berlin, with my parents, a few weeks after the Fall of the Wall.

We were lucky enough to come across a fascinating guide. I could see myself trying to do the same thing as her.

My favorite subjects naturally became English, Spanish, history, geography. Everything that still attracts me today.

As soon as I entered high school, I therefore had a serious idea of ​​the job I wanted to do.

the revelation

Then in BTS in Montpellier, it was the revelation : the history of art, thanks to this dear Mr Cazottes.

A teacher such as one meets few in his studies. 

One of those who make you love the subject he teaches. Finally my goal of becoming a guide was taking shape.

I am not an artist. Besides, I don't know how to draw or sculpt. But my joy of explaining art was born around this time. Thanks to this teacher. 

It was also during this period that I developed a passion for Languedoc heritage and Roussillon.

Narbonne, Pézenas, Arles, Saint-Guilhem le Désert, Montpellier among others ... And further, Lyon, and even Alsace!

These were my first experiences as a guide, in front of my fellow students.

I was in my element. Like a fish in water.

the Graal

All I had to do was get a professional guide card to make it my job.

The professional card is a bit like the Holy Grail for a guide.

This is what allows him to exercise this wonderful profession.

After two years of studying Art History in Toulouse, I first became a national guide-interpreter.

This allowed me to work throughout France for a tour operator who needed a real guide for his cultural trips. Provence, the castles of the Loire, Brittany, Alsace ...

Then, after a few years, to stay longer in Languedoc, I became a guide-lecturer.

In 2001,  I created my company. To work with more freedom and develop projects that were close to my heart.

I then guided large groups, on foot or by coach. City tours, day trips in the region.

I still exercise alone today.

My signature ? Simplicity. No big talk.

top gear

In 2008, I added a string to my bow by buying a minibus: I became a driver-guide.

I started to travel the region up and down and across the region with small groups of 1 to 7 people of all nationalities.

It is much more intimate than a coach of course. We create a real relationship. A real exchange takes place with the visitors I welcome in Languedoc. 

This is what i love.

Introducing our beautiful region to new people from different backgrounds.

contact me

So if you are looking for a driver for a transfer or a wedding shuttle, or a driver-guide for an excursion, around Sète, Montpellier and Béziers, You knocked on the good door.

Browse this website, you will find ideas for excursions, rates for transfers.

Do not hesitate to contact me to ask me your questions.

I was about to forget : I always have a camera with me.

History not to miss the beautiful light on Carcassonne, the reflections of the Thau lagoon, the pretty flower in front of the Pont du Gard, the cloud that goes well above the vine ...

Don't forget your camera, I'll take you to the best places.

Contact me without delay.

À right now.

Arnaud  Caron

List of my 10 favorite places in Languedoc

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